Easter Candy Points

Reese's Peanut Butter/Milk Chocolate Eggs4 pts each
Brach¹s Marshmallow Rabbits (t.w. 1.5 oz.);4 rabbits (8 in box)4 pts
Cadbury Creme Egg;  1 egg (1.3 oz.)4 pts
Cadbury Great Bunny (5.6 oz.);  1/4 of bunny5 pts
Dove Solid Milk Choc. Bunny (6 oz); 1/4 of bunny6 pts
Hershey¹s Easter Egg (7 oz);  1/5 of egg5 pts
Jelly Belly jelly beans;  35 pieces3 pts
Marshmallow Peeps;  5 peeps3 pts
Mound¹s Dark Choc. Coconut Eggs;  1 egg (1.2 oz.)4 pts
M & M¹s pastel version;  1/3 c. (1.5 oz)5 pts
Nestle White Crunch Solid Bunny (3.3oz t.w.,1/2 bunny6 pts
Robin Eggs malted milk candies;  8 pieces4 pts
Snicker¹s Eggs;   1 egg (1.2 oz)4 pts
Starburst Jelly Beans;  1/4 c. (1.5oz)3 pts
3 Musketeers Bar (2.1 ounce)6 pts
Twix (2 bars, 2 ounces)7 pts
Farley's fruit snacks (1 pkt.)2 pts
Smuckers Jelly Beans (17 pieces)2 pts
Smarties (4 rolls)2 pts
Tootsie Roll (4 pieces)2 pts
Skittles (27 pieces or 1 ounce)2 pts
Spree candies (15 pieces or 1 ounce)2 pts
SweeTarts ( 15 pieces or 1 ounce)2 pts
Lifesavers (11 pieces or 1 ounce)2 pts

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